July 19, 2012

organize(d) me...

Some of us are organized, others not so much. I fall somewhere in between. My counter-tops are clutter-free.  Open the drawers it's a whole other story 

I may have found a solution. While these trays weren't originally intended as storage for Q-tips, hair clips and lipsticks, their divided compartments and shallow depth make them the perfect solution for the organizationally impaired.

From clockwise: Japanese Mini Trays from ObjectOfBeauty, Retro Orange Serving Tray from NostalgiaBloom, Mod Flower Power Tray from chixycoco, Teal Cafeteria Tray from AmeliaBedeliaVintage, Dansk Divided Tray from kitschcafe, and four 1950's Cafeteria Trays from CityHallVintage.


  1. Awesome! Love the bright colors too :)

  2. AMAZING colors! Thanks for such an awesome post Kathy!

  3. Kathy... WOW ... if this is your first entry.. it is pretty amazing... nicely done. off to be the first follower!